With the increasing amount of cyberattacks on small businesses and startups, you can never be too safe. The SBDC CyberSafe program is designed to create awareness of the problem and provide tools to keep your company safe.

About CyberSafe

The reason why small businesses and startup are the number one target of cyberattacks is because of the lack of basic security protocols. CyberSafe offers tools and resources to safeguard against cyberattacks. It provides an assessment tool to assist you in identifying cybersecurity vulnerabilities in your company. Based on the assessment results, which are different for each business, it supplies you with tools and suggestions to strengthen the security. Additionally, it offers a planner which customizes a plan to better manage and lower cybersecurity risks.

CyberSafe was designed for “non-technical” small business owners. This includes gyms, clinics, and restaurant owners, as well as, manufacturing floor managers.

SafeGuard Your Business Brochure (PDF)

Download this quick brochure for tips on how to CyberSafe your data, be aware and protect your business.

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