Level Up

Is it time to take your business to the next level? Allow us to help you make the process easier with our Level Up program.

Are You Ready to LevelUp?

How do you know when it is time to expand your business?

SBDC Level Up is a program developed by the Orange County Inland Empire Small Business Development Center to assist small business owners in identifying when they are ready to expand and drive their business to the next level. Through this program, business owners will work on putting together their path towards growth as they evaluate and develop on their metrics, benchmarks, teams, financials, triggers and strategies to reach the next level of growth. Trainees will learn how to de-risk expansion and get involved in proactive growth.

Some of the biggest obstacles in growing your business include:

Categories of growth:

Participation Target: 20 Participants – 1 per Industry 

Vetting Process: All applications will be going through a vetting process. Approved participants will be notified by October 20, 5 pm via email

Business Size: $100,000+ in Revenue – Min of 2 Employees


4 Month Program

Custom Research Briefs

1:1 Coaching with Business Consultants

Peer-Networking Events

Custom Growth Plan

Visits to Growth Partner Sites

The Program

Every business faces a series of challenges on its path to growth. This module covers a variety of successful approaches to growth. You will find out how to grow your business as you learn about successful growth opportunities, identify failure in growth and pitfalls to avoid, and take actions setting your growth plan as aligned with your vision. Are you ready to grow?



  • What does growth mean to you? Identifying the key drivers of growth in your business
  • Building a Strategic Plan that matches your vision. (What goes into your strategic plan?)
  • Conducting Market Research to validate your vision
  • Establishing KPI’s/KPA’s to ensure you achieve your vision


  • Your workforce
  • Breakdown of your labor force


  • Market research report
  • Assignment to 1:1 consultant
  • PHASE I of your new Strategic Plan

  • Strategic Plan
  • KPIs Checklist
  • KPAs Checklist
  • Current and Forward Thinking Organization Chart
  • Labor Cost Analysis

  • Schedule meeting for 1:1 consulting session with assigned consultant to work through handouts
  • Complete PHASE I of your Strategic Plan

There is only one boss: CUSTOMERS! Growth in your business is all about attracting new customers and/or expanding what your existing customers are buying from you. This module will take your growth plan and help you hon in your efforts on bettering the outcomes of your current marketing efforts, defining your target areas that you are trying to reach and developing a strategy to grow your customer base.

Customers – Marketing:

  • What is your Marketing Strategy?
  • Breakdown of your Customers – Who Are They?
  • Marketing Channels – Where Are You Marketing? Where Should You be Marketing?

Customers – Sales:

  • Revenue Analysis
  • Sales Channel Analysis

  • Strategic Marketing Plan
  • Marketing ROI Analysis
  • Customer Insight Analysis
  • ROI Analysis of Sales Channels
  • Marketing Budget Development
  • Develop Client Acquisition SOW
  • Marketing effectiveness tool (Channels,ROI, retention and acquisition)
  • Top 10% Customers
  • Revenue Comparison Chart
  • Top 10 Competitors (Analysis)
  • Schedule meeting for 1:1 consulting session with assigned consultant to work through handouts
  • Description: Cash is king. But the question is: cash for growth or growth for cash? To grow, you need to maintain adequate cash flow. In this module, you will understand your numbers through your P&L and build your financial projection to support your growth plan. This class will teach out how to accurately project out growth, model it, and stress test it to make sure capital will work effectively with your growth plan. Numbers do not lie!


  • P & L Analysis
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Funding Options


  • Consultant Engagement Plan
  • Milestone Tracking

  • Options to fund your growth (self funding, adjusting projections, and/or raise capital)
  • Completion Certification
  • Identify Financial Need SOW

  • Financial projection template
  • Cash Flow/P&L/Balance Sheet Templates

  • Schedule meeting for 1:1 consulting session with assigned consultant to work through handouts

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