COVID-19 Reopening and Prevention Guide

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At the Orange County Inland Empire Small Business Development Center (OCIE SBDC), we’re here to help you plan your business’ recovery and reopen – all while prioritizing your customer and employees’ safety above all. In a survey conducted in May 2020 by the OCIE SBDC in response to COVID-19 concerns, we surveyed over 1,100 small business owners who noted their top five concerns related to the impact of COVID-19 in order as:

  • Losing their business
  • Not being able to recover
  • Losing customers
  • Losing Employees
  • Health and safety upon return to work

And that’s why the SBDC is here to help with each of those aspects. Aside from our services offered at no cost, we’ve developed a downloadable Reopening Plan & COVID-19 Prevention Guide you can customize with your company name and logo, so you can:

  • Identify risks in your workplace and determine any appropriate control measures to implement.
  • Understand manager responsibilities, employee responsibilities and rights
  • Review potential policies for safety compliance and reporting
  • Work from included templates for signage, training employee communications
  • Have a list of contacts like testing locations, public agencies and more.

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DISLAIMER: The Reopening Plan & COVID-19 Prevention Plan contents are advisory in nature and businesses are responsible for updating and customizing as necessary to address exposures and safety management needs unique to their operation. This document is not intended to provide a definitive listing of all potential causes of loss, OSHA violations, or exceptions to good practice. To aid you in further and ongoing identification of workplace hazards, the following websites that provide additional information and regulations impacting your organization are listed here: (1) Official California State Government website: and (2) Cal-OSHA website 
This guide incorporates information from the following resources: (1) U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); (2) Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA); (3) California State COVID-19 Website; (4) California Department of Public Health; and (4) Orange County Health Care Agency.
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