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Financing Options

The Finance Center was designed to be the liaison between your business and the correct funder. Our consultants will provide you guidance in the loan packaging process, and picking the right loan from our network of more than 100 financial institution partners. In order to save you time and resources, we partner directly with underwriters to make the funding process easier and quicker.

We have grown partnerships with these funding sources and rather than partnering with banks at a branch level, we work with the decision-makers and loan underwriters to receive quick decisions as to whether the loan is bankable – saving our clients’ time and energy. The role of the SBDC Finance Center is to understand all lending resources in the region and understand what their credit box is and what type of clients they are looking to fund.

This resource is offered to for-profit businesses with less than 500 employees. Any services are either conducted through confidential in-person meetings or video conference calls at California State University, Fullerton.


SBDC Finance Center consultants will assist small business owners with navigating current and future Federal and state disaster funding, along with applying for local city and county grant and loan programs. For those businesses that are not ready for capital, the SBDC Finance Center will work with the small business owner to find growth opportunities in their current business and prepare them for capital down the line.

Lender Matchmaking

With our network of over 100+ lenders we’ll find the best fit for you and connect you with them. Our partners will help you finance your loans and they may even be able to aid you in acquiring a lower rate. Several of our lenders may be able to lend in as little as two weeks!* We also assist in obtaining a quick turnaround for working capital. The OCIE SBDC works with all types of lenders including conventional, SBA-backed, alternative, and more. Our job is to find you the right lender for your situation and make sure that the loan meets your business needs.

*Turnaround times vary and depend on many factors, we cannot guarantee this turnaround time for everyone

Loan Packaging Assistance

The SBDC analyzes the client’s credit, business plan, financial projections, and necessary loan documentation. Our consultants then work one on one with the client to complete the loan package. Once the package is finalized, our consultants recommend the best funding institution options for them within our extensive network of funding partners for the best rate available for the client.

Bank Plan Prep

The Finance Center acts as the liaison between our clients business and the right funder. We aid clients in the loan packaging process and shop their loan through our network with over 100 financial institution partners. We save you time and resources by collaborating with underwriters directly to simplify the funding process and timeliness of the decision instead of partnering with a bank.

Business Acquisition Financing

Our team of consultants helps assess the business you are interested in and prepare a loan package to submit to a certified lender. Consultants provide their expertise on Buyer Due Diligence Support for every business and financing possibilities for business acquisitions.

Financial Analysis

Our SBDC consultants assist you in enhancing your business performance and growth by evaluating new technologies, reviewing inventory management processes, and your costs.


Bookkeeping & Recordkeeping Management

The OCIE SBDC Network assists clients in developing pragmatic financial and managerial strategies in accordance with GAAP, ethical, and legal standards. Consultants work with clients to suggest the top practices and policies for accurate financial recordkeeping, and contract and payment control.

QuickBooks Overview

Our SBDC QuickBooks certified ProAdvidors cooperate with clients on QuickBooks management and financial analysis to create organized, constant, and manageable reporting processes. If you are not familiar with how to utilize QuickBooks, we offer trainings and workshops to teach you how to navigate and work on it. The trainings and workshops are offered consistently for our clients. Please see our calendar for more information.


Financial Statement Analysis and Cash Flow Management

Our finance consultants can increase cash flows within a business by analyzing its payables and receivables, generating sales forecast, tightening credit terms, creating money-saving plans, and many more strategies.

Financial Strategy Development

If you’re a startup or an existing company looking to grow, our consultants can assist you. Whether it’s increasing your margins or revenue, improving cash flow or beyond, we will guide you in planning and executing a strategy to make financial improvements in your business.

Finance Process Development and Improvement

Our team of specialists examine your business’ accounts receivables and payables, enhance budgeting practices, and suggest practices that are best for financial reporting.



Our SBDC consultants perform a benchmark analysis on the business to see how it stacks against others. With this information, consultants are able to show clients exactly how their company compares to their competitors’. Additionally, we propose improvements that can be made in any aspect, including quality, compliance, management, or culture.

Technology Optimization

To make sure technology is optimized, we evaluate the current business software solutions being used. If needed, up-to-date or better technology solutions are recommended to increase efficiencies in any area within the company.

Loan Packaging

Take a look at the OCIE SBDC “Funding Checklist” to understand what is needed to qualify for a loan. Does the lending institution really need all of these documents?  We can work with you to get all the necessary documents!

Our Finance Center consultants will answer any questions regarding any of the documents and also assist you in obtaining any items that are missing from the checklist. We can aid you in asking for your credit reports; however, we cannot help in acquiring your tax returns. We ask for all of these documents in order to provide the lending institutions with all the information necessary to make an informed decision regarding your loan. The items listed on the checklist not only serve as a guide but are also a requirement for presenting your loan package to our lending partners.

  • Copy of Credit Bureau Report with Credit Scores
  • Personal Financial Statement
  • Federal Personal and Business Tax Returns for the last 3 years
  • Business Financial Statements for Year to Date
  • Latest A/R and A/P Aging Reports for the Business
  • Personal resumes for all owners of the business with minimum 20% ownership interest
  • Proof of current income (most recent paycheck information) for all borrowers
  • Business Plan or Company Overview / Executive Summary
  • Written explanation of the amount you are seeking and how it will used

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