Programs for Business Starts

Ready to Start? Explore Our Programs

We offer a comprehensive array of cohort training programs tailored to support individuals looking to start, build, or grow their small business. Led by expert business consultants, our programs provide a wealth of knowledge and insights to aid in your entrepreneurial journey. Alongside your training program, you will have access to no-cost one-on-one consulting sessions for personalized guidance and support. Explore our range of training programs designed specifically for entrepreneurs looking to start a small business.

Looking to start your own business but don’t know where to begin? SBDC Start is a no-cost startup series designed to teach you how! In just four weeks, you will gain the information and skills to start your very own business!

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Start and own your own cosmetology business through Beauty Boss. Hear from beauty experts to understand what it takes to start your business, how to secure a location, and how to market online. 

Our Brick by Brick program provides assistance in transforming a retail idea into a tangible storefront. During this six-week program, we assist you in determining your customer market and building a well-grounded basis for your startup.

You can participate in this program regardless of where you are in the process — whether you’re just exploring, looking to grow your current business, or looking to start a new shop! We’ll explore trends in pop-up shops, kiosks, mobile shops, brick and mortars, and more. If you do choose to lease a space or open a  physical storefront, the SBDC is here to help! We can help you negotiate your lease, start your shop and be a resource for you every step of the way.

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Key Takeaways

  • Identified your market share
  • Created marketing strategies and tactics
  • Learned how to integrate e-commerce technology into a static store;
  • Created your financial projections, costs of goods and services, and pricing models
  • Acquired useful knowledge about the leasing process
  • Identified the permits and licenses to build out and operate your store
  • Gained a better understanding of how to hire and train employees
  • Learned best practices to operate efficiently
  • Determined how to access an appropriate amount of capital in order to sustain past breakeven and into profit.

EATS is a food incubator program, which fosters food industry entrepreneurship through education and training. The program offers business development support and professional experience from its leadership team to help startup and early stage food entrepreneurs launch their products into the marketplace. 

Are you interested in the food industry? Want to start a food truck, use a commercial kitchen, or open a restaurant? The SBDC EATS program can take you closer to that goal! The program, which is offered at no cost to you, starts you off with developing your concept for the business all the way through establishing it.

Why participate in EATS?

  • It’s food-industry focused. Unlike other startup educational programs, EATS is focused solely on the food-related businesses
  • Learn from experts with practical experience. All EATS program instructors have years of real world experience working in and operating successful food businesses
  • Know your costs up front – the art of financial forecasting. EATS will help you make a business plan that you can use to determine your monthly operating expenses before you open
  • Build better timelines to help manage your expectations. You’ll get a clear timeline of how long each phase of opening your business will actually take

Learn how to plan, marketing, and finance your business to make your dreams a reality. The fast-paced four-week program walks you through everything it takes to run a business. The MADE program was created with the intention of helping new businesses enter the marketplace. During the four-week  program, individuals will be taught the planning, marketing, and financing behind developing a business. 

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