Programs for Business Growth

Learn how to take your business to the next level.

We offer a comprehensive array of cohort training programs tailored to support individuals looking to grow, expand, or streamline their small business. Led by expert business consultants, our programs provide insight, resources, and opportunities tailored for existing businesses. Alongside your training program, you will have access to no-cost one-on-one consulting sessions for personalized guidance and support. Explore our range of training programs designed specifically to help your small business thrive. 

business owners collaborating on a project

This six-week training program will fuel your growth as you evaluate and develop your goals, metrics, financials, operations, and strategies. Reach the next level of success through tailored support, expert guidance, and invaluable resources. Learn how to de-risk expansion and get involved in proactive growth.

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This five-week cohort training program is designed for women entrepreneurs looking to grow their small business and is tailored for the distinct challenges women often face in entrepreneurship. Join a network of like-minded women for the support, resources, and community to help your business thrive. This cohort is for women, taught by women. Attendees can expect highly interactive and vibrant discussions with the instructors and other cohort members.

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In this five-part series you will:

  1. Utilize financial data to drive your business to improve cash flow, profitability, and future planning.
  2. Research, identify, and plan for primary and emerging customer segments.
  3. Identify competition and strategic partners for opportunities to collaborate and maximize market share.
  4. Learn effective ways to expand your team of employees and partners.
  5. Determine what business certifications will benefit you.
  6. Explore funding opportunities.
  7. Showcase your business alongside cohort members to partners and the public.

As a business owner, having a good handle on your accounting and finance can be critical to expanding your business. Join Financial Fitness — a four-part webinar series designed to support you in optimizing your business for financial success. 

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