Are you looking to begin an online business? OCIE SBDC’s Webify program helps you learn everything needed to run an online business and assists you in establishing your own by the end of the program.

Program Overview

Webify is a program offered by the OCIE SBDC Network to provide assistance in developing an online business.

The program offers individuals four face-to-face workshops and three online meetings in which our specialists will take your conceptual idea and ultimately help you launch your online business. Webify walks you through the required steps to guarantee your success in establishing and growing a solid online presence. Our experienced team of consultants give business development support to ensure entrepreneurs launch their online business within 30 days.

Program Benefits

Plans for Success

Entrepreneurs – Turn your idea into a tangible business. Design a concrete plan that will take you from a simple idea to the launch of your business.

Established Businesses – Expand your brick & mortar business to the online realm. Establish a strong process to create a successful online presence.


Supply trainees with critical data which will direct their success through a market research report. This report will consist of macro and micro-level industry-related data, market insights, and suitability analysis.

Digital Landscape

Provide assistance with customer identification, online competitor matching, placement of a distinctive selling proposition, and digital landscape apprehension.


Present essential elements needed to construct a successful marketing strategy and merge tactics focused on effective outcomes.


Comprehend accessible e-commerce platforms and chose the resolution that is best for your business (service vs. product)


Understand the digital tools accessible and crucial elements that assist in supporting a strong and effective presence online.

Going live

Assist clients in choosing their domain name and hosting service, setting up social media, launching their website, and reviewing their site identification.

What's on the Agenda?

Webify will begin with a required orientation session and within the next four weeks, there will be three virtual meetings and four face-to-face training sessions. The orientation is used to take aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners through the process of establishing a business online. They will learn about the steps and be provided the guidance needed to ensure a successful online presence as well as how to continue growing.

Entry Week | Mandatory Orientation

Week 2 | Your Online Presence

Week 3 | Getting Setup

Session 4 | The Launch

Ways We Can Help

team meeting and brainstorming

More Programs

Our suite of programs are designed to guide businesses in the early stages to receive the information, resources, and assistance necessary to enter their given market in just a few weeks.

Coworkers discussing business ideas.


At OCIE SBDC Network, our team of qualified consultants provide high-quality expertise to help your business succeed in both the short-term and long-term. We are a well-known provider of small business consulting, education, and resources.

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Find the tools you need to get your business up and running, with government resources, guides, templates, and more.