Access to Capital

The SBDC Finance Center is here to assist you through the loan process by assessing your business, helping you complete the loan package, and finally matching you with a reputable and qualified lender. The process starts with our loan consultant working with you to assemble a bankworthy loan package. Once a loan package has been created, your consultant actively shops your loan with a core group of collaborating financial institutions — including banks, CDFIs, and non-profits — that actively engage with the SBDC Finance Center.  The SBDC has grown partnerships with these funding sources, and rather than partnering with banks at a branch level, we work with the decision makers and loan underwriters to receive quick decisions as to whether the loan is bankable – saving you time and energy. 

​​In addition to assisting businesses with debt funding opportunities, the SBDC Finance Center can assist you with navigating current and future federal and state disaster funding, applying for local city and county grant and loan programs, and working with you to create better financial processes within your business.  If your business is not quite ready for capital, the SBDC Finance Center will work with you to find growth opportunities in their current business and prepare you for capital down the line.

What goes into a lending package?

The hardest part in preparing for capital is putting your loan package together. The SBDC Finance Center will work with you to put all documents required for funding together and make sure that you are putting your best foot forward. Our consultants will answer any questions regarding any of the documents and assist you in obtaining any items that are missing from the checklist. We ask for all these documents in order to provide the lending institutions with all the information necessary to make an informed decision regarding your loan. The items listed on the checklist not only serve as a guide but are also a requirement for presenting your loan package to our lending partners.

How does the SBDC provide lender matchmaking services?

With our network of more than 100 lenders, we’ll find the best fit for you and connect you with them. Our partners will help you finance your loans, and they may even be able to aid you in acquiring a lower rate. Several of our lenders may be able to lend in as little as two weeks!* We also assist in obtaining a quick turnaround for working capital. Our job is to find you the right lender for your situation and make sure that the loan meets your business needs.

*Since turnaround times depend on many factors, we cannot guarantee turnaround times

What is the SBDC Bank Plan?

At the SBDC, our team uses bank plans to package the most important data lenders review when making decisions about funding a loan. A bank plan, different from a business plan, outlines things like the purpose and use of the loan, how you plan to repay, your profitability and cash flow and how your business stacks up against industry data. Bankers typically skim over parts in your business plan like exciting marketing strategies and focus more on finances. The bank plan packages some of the most crucial financial data for bankers to easily review.  

Components of your bank plan:

Access to Industry Analysis and Benchmarking

The SBDC Finance Center can provide access to market research and industry financial analysis — all at no cost to you. The industry financial data or benchmarking data is the same type of analysis information that lenders use to make decisions on where your business is relative to your industry. This type of data is useful when putting together financial projections, assumptions and a bank plan, to support your loan request.