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California Shop Small – From Start to Cart

California Shop Small is a 6-week program to help product-based aspiring or existing business owners sell online. Business owners will learn how to get their business online, reach new customers, and increase their sales at a local, regional, and national scale. After completing the program, business owners will gain access to sell on a California branded eCommerce platform. Business owners will receive a six-month free subscription to sell online while receiving no-cost one-on-one consulting to assist in furthering their online success.

  • Open to product-based businesses (Not open to service-based businesses)
  • For first-time e-commerce businesses
  • Open to brick-and-mortar businesses that have never sold online before
  • Cannabis, CBD, adult entertainment, gambling, and other like businesses are ineligible for the program
  • You must be a California-based business
  • *If the program is oversubscribed, a lottery will be held for the 300 open slots available on the California Shop Small e-commerce site.
  • *Priority will be given to those businesses that have never made a sale
What we will be discussing:
  • What is California Shop Small
  • Setting up your store online
  • Product photos
  • Online content
  • Packaging and shipping
  • Managing your inventory
  • Merchandising, Discounts, Sales Reports, Orders
  • Social Media
  • The importance of selling online
  • Online Tools
  • Your inventory
  • Costing and pricing
Must be a Product-Based Business
Six – 2 hour cohort workshops, must attend all sessions!


Feb 15 2022


10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Register here!

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