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Finding Profit: Practical Ways to Improve Your Bottom Line

Is your business reaching its profit potential? Join the OCIE SBDC in this new course designed to help you quickly understand the overall financial health of your business and to identify practical opportunities for improvement. Remember: If your business isn’t profitable, you have a very expensive hobby.

Class 1: Fundamentals of Financial Health

  • How profitable are you now?
  • How profitable should you be?
  • Is your business model inherently flawed?

    Class 2: Profit Driver One: Managing Expenses
  • Is your cost of goods sold reasonable?
  • Are your fixed overhead and administrative expenses appropriate?
  • Are you managing debt properly?

    Class 3: Profit Driver Two: Optimizing Your Top Line
  • Is your pricing right?
  • Are your revenue streams balanced?
  • Do you have a sales strategy that works?

    Class 4: Profit Driver Three: Boosting Operational Efficiency
  • Adopting a business process improvement mindset
  • Optimizing inventory management
  • Technology as a productivity tool


Sep 04 2024


12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

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