A four-week program offered at no cost for CEOs and Business Owners in the Dental Practice Lead by Expert Consultants

Program Overview

DDS-CEO helps great DDS’ become great CEOs. Obtain effective strategies that will deliver more new patients, greater profitability and reduced risk to top-line revenue. Private practice dentists are finding it harder and harder to compete in the dental industry. The cost of acquiring new patients is going up and the ability to hold on to existing patients is becoming more difficult. However, there are tremendous opportunities for modern dental practices to not only to compete but beat their local DSO competitors. Demonstrated effective strategies can deliver more new patients, greater profitability and reduced risk to top-line revenue. This program will introduce some of these concepts while providing tactic-level action plans which are simple, practical, and effective. The program cohort will consist of three classes aimed at helping private practice dentists improve their competitive position in their local markets. The program will emphasize modern solutions for obtaining better marketing results; improving staff effectiveness; demystifying financial statements; and wining more patients. DDS-CEO helps great DDS’s become great CEO’s.


CLASS I – Financial Statements and KPIs
This class will focus heavily on financial statements and key performance indicators and actions (KPI/KPA). In this workshop, we will cover software, cash flow, fixed expenses, direct expenses, discretionary expenses, industry benchmarks, and factors driving practice value.
CLASS II – Branding Strategy and Marketing
This class will focus on building a compelling branding strategy for standing out from competing practices and creating loyal patient advocates. We will review the growing threat of DSO’s and how effective marketing can beat them at their own game. You’ll learn 20 guerilla marketing ideas to win more patients, how to find your local DSO’s top 100 keywords, the power of local SEO and community, and the balance between patient acquisition costs and lifetime value.
CLASS III – Staff: Roles & Strategies
This class will focus on Staff. The emphasis will be on strategies that more closely align your staff’s role with the growth of our practice. Some of the things you will learn include tips for patient experience training, modern morning huddle strategies that deliver results, staff inspiration initiatives (your secret formula), and ten ideas for building practice ambassadors.
CLASS IV – Niche Development
This class will focus on niche development. The emphasis will be on strategies that distinguish your practice from the huge number of local competitors. The goal is to identify an intentional clinical services branding strategy that drives massive patient referrals. We’ll discuss how EBITDA impacts branding, your USP and the power of the “elevator pitch” in dentistry, 15 proven strategies for creating loyal advocates, and aligning your modern practice with the changing preferences of prospective patients.

Questions We'll Answer

CLASS I – Financial Statements and KPIs

CLASS II – Branding Strategy and Marketing

CLASS III – Staff: Roles & Strategies

CLASS IV – Niche Development


CLASS I – Financial Statements and KPIs

The Top 15 most important KPI’s for driving practice performance, resource list, One on One Consulting

CLASS II – Branding Strategy and Marketing

Resource List, Top 10 Social Media Tactics That Drive Patient Referrals, 100 Trigger Words for Quadrupling your paid search, One-on-One Consulting

CLASS IV – Niche Development

Branding Plan, USP, Service Road Map, One on One SBDC Consulting

CLASS III – Staff: Roles & Strategies

Resource List, One on One SBDC Consulting

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