Learn how to plan, market, and finance your business to make your dreams a reality. The fast-paced four-week program aids you in learning what it takes to run a business and allows you to operate an O.C. Market Place vendor booth.

What's MADE?

The MADE program was created with the intention of helping new businesses enter the Orange County Market Place in order for their product or service to be recognized. During the four-week program, individuals will be taught the planning, marketing, and financing behind developing a business. Learning how they play a role and how to appropriately do each will get individuals closer to achieving their dream. After the program is finished, those that took the program will be given the chance to test out their concept at the OC Market Place.

How to Apply

Register through Eventbrite, answer the preliminary questions on the registration and one of our SBDC consultants will reach out to conduct a brief interview with you – 25 people will be selected for this program based on an interview process. 

No cost to participate in the program.

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MADE Program

OC MADE - From Maker to Market

In partnership with the Urban Workshop Program

This class will cover the basics of entrepreneurship including identifying resources; forming the corporate entity; conducting market research; licenses/permits, and solving your customer’s problem. This class will also cover building the manufacturing roadmap and a comprehensive introduction to Urban Workshop (UW) Solutions. This class will include a tour of the Urban Workshop.

Questions Answered

  • What is your product vision?
  • What is unique about this product?
  • Who is your target market?
  • Who are you top competitors?
  • How is your product different from your competitors?

This class will focus on proving the viability of your business. We will explore niche markets; how to create financial model; building revenue and cost assumptions; inventory management, and pricing considerations.

Questions Answered

  • How much will it cost to make your product?
  • How much will you sell it for?
  • How much are your customers willing to pay?
  • How much capital do you need to start your business?
  • Do you need help funding this venture?
  • Inventory – What do you need? And where are you selling?

This class will focus on Marketing and Product Branding. This class will provide education and tips related to winning your first customers. The class will cover online (email, social media, website, etc.) marketing as well as how to identify other sales channels.

Questions Answered

  • Who are your customers?
  • Where are your customers?
  • How will you reach them?
  • What does it take to be successful in the digital landscape?
  • Is traditional marketing still valid?
  • What should your marketing budget look like?

*Zoom Webinar/ Online Presentation

This class will focus on operational considerations. We will cover shipping and fulfillment considerations, POS systems and customer service challenges.

Questions Answered

  • How will your customers pay you?
  • How will you track inventory?
  • What accounting software will you use?
  • How to find packaging solutions?
  • What should you know about fulfillment and shipping costs?

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