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To successfully market your service or product to your customer you first have to understand who your customers are and what they want. Our marketing specialists’ help you comprehend your customers as well as how to grow, keep, and meet their expectations.

Our marketing specialists assist in understanding the demands and behaviors of your audience. We assist you in identifying the market for your business, segmenting current and potential customers, and differentiating your offerings according to the common characteristics of your market segments.

Pricing Strategy Development

To recommend the best pricing strategy for your business, our specialists analyze your costs, target customer base, and offerings by your competitors. In that manner, we help you maximize your profits and minimize your costs.

Digital Marketing Strategy Development

Our SBDC consultants aid clients to develop inclusive digital marketing strategies for their business. The strategies created range from email, web/SEO, digital advertising, tp automation. We also establish tools and platforms that will expand the website, report mechanisms to increase digital impressions as well as present clients to other online marketing resources. Additionally, we offer periodic Marketing workshops with topics on email marketing, social networks, SEO, and advertising, and more. Check out our calendar for more information.

Social Media Campaign Development Assistance –
Social Listening and Engagement Strategies

Our Digital Marketing Specialists help clients choose the right social media platforms to use to create an effective online presence, entice and maintain customers, and advertise their brand. Additionally, our consultants can assist in constructing a social media strategy that grasps the client’s marketing objectives and identifies customer feedback and social

Branding Development

We’ll help you build your message, position your company, and ensure consistency of your message. We’re here to assist you in identifying your customers’ needs and ensure that your message resonates with your target audience.

Sales Channel Identification Assistance

Our team of consultants can help you identify or review your sales objectives, strategies that fit your business goals and customer needs, and guide you with monitoring these strategies to ensure top performance. Additionally, our consultants can assist you in forming and improving your sales channels, online sales opportunities, sales through partnerships, distributors, or direct to your customers.

Customer Insights & Analytics Review

Marketing consultants provide assistance in establishing data tools and practices that clients can integrate into their business to improve developing insights on customer decision-making and needs relating to client’s services and products. For the analytics review, our consultants explain how to use data tools, free and paid, for social media listening, analyze website engagement, maintain customers to understand customer’s and their buying behavior. The analytics is combined at the client’s discretion with our segmentation assistance in order to center the clients marketing investments in regions with greater customer acquisition and of potential growth.

Public Relations

We supply you with guidelines and the best practices associated with PR to make the most out of it for your business. A few of the guidelines and practices include: measurable objectives, ideas for engaging material throughout different channels, identification of potential speaking or media opportunities, analyzation of messaging and tools for assessing outcomes of PR efforts.


We know it is difficult to understand where to start when financing or refinancing your company. That is why our team of financial experts assists in investigating your financing possibilities and safely packaging your loan. We link you to our network of more than 100 funding institutions and aid you in hosing the best loan terms.

Loan Packaging Assistance

The SBDC analyzes the client’s credit, business plan, financial projections, and necessary loan documentation. Our consultants then work one on one with the client to complete the loan package. Once the package is finalized, our consultants recommend the best funding institution options for them within our extensive network of funding partners for the best rate available for the client.

Bank Plan Prep

The Finance Center acts as the liaison between our clients business and the right funder. We aid clients in the loan packaging process and shop their loan through our network with over 100 financial institution partners. We save you time and resources by collaborating with underwriters directly to simplify the funding process and timeliness of the decision instead of partnering with a bank.

Business Acquisition Financing

Our team of consultants helps assess the business you are interested in and prepare a loan package to submit to a certified lender. Consultants provide their expertise on Buyer Due Diligence Support for every business and financing possibilities for business acquisitions.


Our SBDC consultants assist you in enhancing your business performance and growth by evaluating new technologies, reviewing inventory management processes, and your costs.


Bookkeeping & Recordkeeping Management

The OCIE SBDC Network assists clients in developing pragmatic financial and managerial strategies in accordance with GAAP, ethical, and legal standards. Consultants work with clients to suggest the top practices and policies for accurate financial recordkeeping, and contract and payment control.

QuickBooks Overview

Our SBDC QuickBooks certified ProAdvidors cooperate with clients on QuickBooks management and financial analysis to create organized, constant, and manageable reporting processes. If you are not familiar with how to utilize QuickBooks, we offer trainings and workshops to teach you how to navigate and work on it. The trainings and workshops are offered consistently for our clients. Please see our calendar for more information.


Financial Statement Analysis and Cash Flow Management

Our finance consultants can increase cash flows within a business by analyzing its payables and receivables, generating sales forecast, tightening credit terms, creating money-saving plans, and many more strategies.

Financial Strategy Development

If you’re a startup or an existing company looking to grow, our consultants can assist you. Whether it’s increasing your margins or revenue, improving cash flow or beyond, we will guide you in planning and executing a strategy to make financial improvements in your business.

Finance Process Development and Improvement

Our team of specialists examine your business’ accounts receivables and payables, enhance budgeting practices, and suggest practices that are best for financial reporting.



Our SBDC consultants perform a benchmark analysis on the business to see how it stacks against others. With this information, consultants are able to show clients exactly how their company compares to their competitors’. Additionally, we propose improvements that can be made in any aspect, including quality, compliance, management, or culture.

Technology Optimization

To make sure technology is optimized, we evaluate the current business software solutions being used. If needed, up-to-date or better technology solutions are recommended to increase efficiencies in any area within the company.

Business Planning

We know it is difficult to understand where to start when financing or refinancing your company. That is why our team of financial experts assists in investigating your financing possibilities and safely packaging your loan. We link you to our network of more than 100 funding institutions and aid you in hosting the best loan terms.

Lease Negotiation

Our team of consultants can assist you with any lease negotiation. We offer assistance negotiating commercial leases and review your financial statements to ensure the lease terms fit into your projected growth and stability. Additionally, charges are reviewed and assistance in negotiation with net rent is provided so you stay within budget. We also review your timeline for move-in and opening to avoid any unexpected costs. Our consultants may also communicate with your potential landlord if you desire to assist in answering questions and ensure both parties are satisfied with the new lease agreements.

Site Selection Assistance

The Commercial Real Estate Specialists assist our clients in conducting their due diligence on their new website. We may also carry out a market analysis of their target areas. We evaluate operating costs to ensure you stay within budget. Our specialists also set cost targets, and connect you with city officials who can help answer any questions you have. Furthermore, if applicable, they offer available incentives or land opportunities.

Business Plan Development

The SBDC assists its clients in creating business plans unique to their business to achieve funding, growth objectives, and startup goals. No matter the stage you are at with your business, we will offer guidance in the business plan process to come up with business goals, research and communicate your ideas, review financial data, and create engaging marketing plans.

Business Formation*

The SBDC team introduces the client to various business structures available for their business and explains them thoroughly. For the legal aspect of it, we assist in explaining the legal and tax implications of the diverse business structures as well as the legal forms and fees necessary to create your business. Additionally, we assist in filing your fictitious business name.

*NOTE: Our team of consultants does not provide legal advice for entity formation. You will need to consult with your business legal advisor on the filing steps, documentation necessary, and submission process.

Permits and Licenses Guidance

Our team helps analyze the scope of your proposed project, identify required permits, point you to the proper agency or person, and complete any necessary forms.


Feasibility Study

The SBDC conducts a feasibility study of the potential of a given business idea, considering market size, different scenarios, technical, operational and financial feasibility.

Market Analysis

The SBDC research team gives clients a comprehensive industry report of their given or desired industry. It details target market information, market size pricing, regulatory information, opportunities, and strengths.

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