State Procurement and Access to Capital Conference

Orange County Businesses Learn About State Contracting Opportunities to Grow Their Business

On Friday, April 28, The Orange County Inland Empire Small Business Development Center (OCIE SBDC) welcomed more than 300 aspiring and current small business owners to its inaugural State Procurement and Access to Capital Conference — an event designed to provide small business owners with a better understanding of the ways they can grow their businesses through contracting and procurement. Several guest speakers outlined actionable information to help businesses obtain state certifications and take advantage of the billions of dollars contracted annually through over 200 state agencies and departments. 

The conference had participation from ten state agencies and five lenders. Representatives from OCTA, the Metropolitan Water District (MWD), Caltrans, and Disney, among others, shared hands-on insights on how procurement and contracting can be crucial to the growth of small businesses. Assembly Member Cottie Petrie-Noris (A73) also made a special appearance where she discussed her legislation that recently passed, AB 2019, which created a mandate that 25% of all state contract dollars must be allotted to state-certified small businesses.

All in all, the conference was a notable success. It makes us at OCIE SBDC proud to see so many ambitious business owners, state agencies, and lenders collaborating to help businesses prosper with resources to grow. We are here to serve you and provide you with business assistance through every stage, from inception to growth and beyond. 

About the Conference:

Mike Daniel, OCIE SBDC Network Director

The State Procurement and Access to Capital Conference gave business owners a chance to learn about procurement opportunities, discover loan options from lenders, and connect one-on-one with state, federal, and corporate agencies. It is pivotal for business owners to take full advantage of the practical knowledge shared and opportunities to connect with local agencies.  

Mike Daniel, Orange County Inland Empire SBDC’s network director, welcomed the attendees and provided details on how they can benefit from state procurement opportunities.

Amidst his discussion of what the conference offers small business owners, Daniel affirmed: “We know that the past several years have been challenging, and the OCIE SBDC is here to provide your business with the right resources it needs to find new sales channels, hire new employees, and access the capital needed to grow.”

AB 2019’s Impact on Small Businesses:

Last year, Cottie Petrie-Norris authored AB 2019, a bill that assists small businesses in contracting with the state of California. AB 2019 systematizes the state’s small business procurement goals, forms an accountability system, and diversifies the procurement pool within the state.

Cottie Petrie-Norris, Assemblywoman, District 73

Petrie-Norris expressed that the main focus of AB 2019 is “to make it fair for diverse entrepreneurs. We know that the success of small business owners lifts up communities all across our state.”

The impact AB 2019 has on California small businesses is significant. The diversification of California’s procurement pool creates more opportunities for small businesses to work with the state. With the bill’s mandate that 25% of state agency/department spending must be spent on certified small businesses, this gives small businesses a greater chance of being chosen for a contract. By systematizing procurement goals and forming an accountability system, small businesses have a fairer chance to obtain state contracts, which may help level the playing field and create a more diverse and inclusive environment to do business. 

But the AB 2019 bill doesn’t just benefit small businesses. With a more seamless procurement process in place, California can gain access to new vendors, which can help to stimulate competition and revitalize local economies. 

Procurement Contracts Can Grow Your Business

The SBDC Center for Contracting aims to assist small businesses with securing procurement contracts at the local, state, and federal levels, as well as in the private sector. Whether you are exploring which certifications are right for you or if you obtain contracts regularly, the SBDC team of contracting experts is here to help you grow your business. 

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Looking to start or grow your business?

We at the Orange County Inland Empire SBDC, are here to help you with every aspect of your business to help it grow and become successful.
Give us a call at 1-800-616-7232 or schedule a quick, 15-minute intake appointment at to see how we can help you start, grow, and succeed.