Desert Hot Springs Chiropractic Has Your Back, Neck, and Everything Else

Desert Hot Springs Chiropractic Has Your Back, Neck, and Everything Else

Dr. Tiffany Raith is proud to serve the chiropractic needs of the Desert Hot Springs community with her newly opened clinic. Desert Hot Springs Chiropractic is the first minority-owned chiropractic clinic in the Desert Hot Springs community, and Dr. Raith has experience treating all kinds of patients, from children to seniors, athletes, and regular joe’s alike.

Dr. Raith first decided to become a chiropractor because she agreed with the holistic, patient-centered form of treatment it provides. “I agreed with the foundation of chiropractic because it’s a natural form of healthcare that treats the root of the problem, not just the symptoms.” 

Community service has always been integral to Dr. Raith’s life and work. As a college student, she logged thousands of volunteer hours with organizations like the AIDS Foundation of Los Angeles, as well as through smaller community organizations and her personal endeavors. In college, as the Chapter President of Healing Hands for Humanity, Raith performed free chiropractic work at the VA of Long Beach and was even presented with a humanitarian award for her service. 

In fact, community service was behind Dr. Raith’s decision to open a chiropractic clinic in Desert Hot Springs, as she noticed that her community lacked any chiropractic facilities. But, when it came to opening the business itself, Dr. Raith encountered some hurdles. While searching for resources to open a business online, Dr. Raith stumbled accidentally onto the Coachella Valley Small Business Development Center’s (SBDC) website and was stunned at what she found. “I was blown away at the level of service and what was offered,” Raith says. “I can’t believe it’s complimentary.”

Immediately, Dr. Raith was put in contact with Angela Janus, who would soon walk her through the processes of touring new facilities at Dr. Raith’s side, organizing paperwork for city certification, and laying out business plans. “If I didn’t know which department in the city to speak with, Angela would guide me. She has such a body of knowledge of financial planning, and she even researched chiropractic to help me through specific regulations. Not only did she research my specific field, she had answers for all my business questions.”

Dr. Raith is very proud to own the first minority-run chiropractic clinic in the Desert Hot Springs area and says she now sees how important it is for there to be more representation of women of color in the field. The help of the Coachella Valley SBDC and Angela Janus made her dream a reality, and Dr. Raith hopes it will allow her to influence the next generation of young women of color to enter the field of chiropractic.

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