Givo Ice Cream Hosts Sweet Grand Opening

By Aleesia Benkey

Giselle Palomo Garcia founded three ice cream businesses in Michoacán, Mexico. She designed and developed specialized ice cream makers to perfect her recipes, and she made everything from scratch. Giselle knew she wanted to bring her business to the United States; she made that ambition a reality with the help of her brother, Octavio

Giselle and Octavio knew starting a business in the U.S. would be hard, but the duo partnered up and got to work on Givo Ice Cream. Not sure where to start, Octavio found the Orange County Inland Empire Small Business Development Center Network (OCIE SBDC) and met with SBDC Business Consultant Kyu Kang.

Kyu walked Giselle and Octavio through all of the steps they needed to open up shop in Santa Ana, California. Together, the three worked through ideation, business planning, financial projections, menu creation, marketing, and renovation — all leading up to a successful grand opening. And the OCIE SBDC remains at the ready to assist Giselle and Octavio as they continue to build on their dreams and grow their business.

“The SBDC has helped in every single aspect of starting our business. Our consultant, Kyu, has been a huge help, especially as first-time business owners in the United States,” shares Octavio. “His advice, from business formation, permits, construction, renovation, hiring, training, all the way to the grand opening has helped so much!” 

Left to right: Giselle, their mother, Octavio

Givo Ice Cream hosted a successful grand opening on March 8, with an amazing turnout of friends, family, elected officials, and business neighbors. Giselle and Octavio are so grateful for the support of the SBDC that took them to where they are now. 

Givo Ice Cream is a family business run by siblings Giselle and Octavio, with the support of their parents and Octavio’s spouse. They couldn’t have done it without their strong support system and Giselle’s big dreams. 

“They have been amazing to work with since day one; they are the perfect team. Over a year ago, Octavio told me he didn’t know if they could do this. Look at where they are now. With a beautiful store, so many supporters, and amazing ice cream. Congratulations to Octavio and Giselle,” said Kyu. 

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Givo Ice Cream Hosts Sweet Grand Opening

Mike Daniel is the network director of the Orange County Inland Empire SBDC Network, which assists aspiring entrepreneurs and current business owners throughout Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside counties. Mike was formerly the director of the SBDC office at Long Beach City College. As business owner and entrepreneur himself, he started his career as the owner of a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory location in Manhattan Beach and went on to open a second location in Long Beach in 2001. In 2007, Mike sold the Manhattan Beach store for an above-market offer then invested in several additional locations as a minority shareholder. Mike further expanded his candy empire with venture located in Shoreline Village in Long Beach called Sugar Daddies Sweet Shoppe, based on fill-it yourself candy options.

Mike has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from California State University, Fullerton.