Manage your money and acquire funds. These are helpful tools with information about financial sources, loans, and much more!


Small Business Adminstration
SBA loans explained and links to where you can learn more. Don’t forget our SBDC Finance Center can help you get funding too!

Federal Grants Search
Use this website to search for different federal grants and see which ones you can qualify.

Small Business Loan Calculator
The Small Business Loan Calculator will give you an idea of how much it will cost to take out a loan. Adjust the term and add extra monthly payments to see how much of an impact you can have on repayment.

The California Competes Tax Credit
This is an income tax credit available to businesses that want to come to California or stay and grow in California. Tax credit agreements will be negotiated by GO-Biz and approved by a newly created “California Competes Tax Credit Committee,” consisting of the State Treasurer, the Director of the Department of Finance, the Director of GO-Biz, one appointee each by the Speaker of the Assembly and Senate Committee on Rules.

Tracking Expenses

Keep track of all of your expenses with this expense report tool!

Toshl Finance
Another finance tracking tool you can utilize to keep budgets and organize bills.

This is a free accounting software for small businesses. Create invoices with ease and keep finances organized!

Downloadable Tools

Loan Packaging Funding Checklist

A checklist of required documents to submit to our lending partners.


Download this form to check if you qualify for the federal Community Development Block Grant.

Applying for a Business Loan

What to know and what to do before applying for a business loan for your …

SBDC Projection Model Template

This spreadsheet is for start-up businesses to use for projections.

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